The Cluster just might be the perfect art piece for wine lovers. Not only does it look great on almost any wall, it educates, starts conversations and lets you dive into the world of red wine with ease. It’s not surprising that this wine poster is loved by both professionals and enthusiasts. So, why you should choose this wine poster?

  • It displays More than 50 red wines/grapes. You can explore their flavors, aromas & characteristics. – A great way to get familiar with your favorite wines and discover unknown gems.
  • It explains how tannin, acidity, alcohol level and wine body affect the taste of your wine.
  • It demonstrates how cool and warm wine regions change the characteristics of wine.
  • It demonstrates the impact of oak aging.
  • It contains a simple guide for pairing food and red wine.
  • Unlike other wine posters, The Cluster is designed in a minimalistic style, making it an art piece that will look great in almost any home.

With The Cluster, you have the opportunity to learn and explore the world of red wine in your everyday life while enjoying, selecting or just talking about red wine.

You can buy The Cluster right here.


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