Morten Jensen

Morten Jensen

Designer & owner

Morcante – Where art and knowledge goes hand in hand.

Morcante is a design company that believes art should have a purpose, tell a story and expand your horizon.

The company is run and administrated by Morten Jensen, a designer and infographic artist. We are located in Alicante, where we use local producers to print our posters.

If you have any questions regarding the company, feel free to send us an email: admin@morcante.com

Art that makes you smarter

All Morcante posters are made with the purpose of activating your curiosity and providing you with knowledge.  You can learn about the characteristics of wine grapes or the wine districts of Italy through a wine map– simply by having a Morcante poster on your wall!

Pensive relaxed woman with a cup of wine

Enjoy and expand your horizon

Art that makes you smarter
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